Fortnite Leak Hints at Potential Deadpool & Wolverine Crossover
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Fortnite Leak Hints at Potential Deadpool & Wolverine Crossover

A press tour photo with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman may have hinted an upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine crossover with Fortnite!

Deadpool & Wolverine in Fortnite Credit: Epic Games / Marvel

Last month, a rumor about a Weapon X crossover heading to Fortnite recently made the rounds, and that turned out to be true. The classic Marvel character was released in Epic Games' popular battle royale game on July 2. Today, another rumor was spread online, claiming that Weapon X might not be the only X-Men related content coming to the game this month.

Unlike the previous leak, the latest one isn't based on backend details; instead, the rumor about the Deadpool & Wolverine crossover comes from a press tour that stars Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been on while promoting the MCU movie's July 26 theatrical release date. As pointed out by ShiinaBR, a major Fortnite leaker with a solid track record, it looks like the two actors are also meeting with Fortnite content creators.

As the photo ShiinaBR shared suggests, the rumor here is that the two leads of Deadpool & Wolverine have ben meeting with various Fortnite content creators while doing the press tour for the highly-anticipated film. It's still unclear if Fortnite will actually release crossover content featuring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, but it does look like something is in the works. This shouldn't surprise Fortnite gamers if this turns out to be true as Epic Games have collaborated with Marvel many times before.

However, for now, we should take Fortnite rumor this with a grain of salt, but if this actually happens, the crossover content will likely launch when Deadpool & Wolverine releases in theaters later this month.

Are more X-Men skins coming to Fortnite?

Recent rumors claim that Fortnite is also getting a crossover with Disney+'s popular Marvel Animation series X-Men '97. According to the rumors, that crossover was pushed back (and potentially canceled) last month). With the new Weapon X skin, it's likely that fans will have to wait before Wolverine gets his X-Men '97 skin in the battle royale game.

This aligned with rumors about Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 4 being Marvel-themed, but Epic hasn't officially confirmed this information. The good news is that players won't have to wait for long as the upcoming season is expected to launch on August 16, 2024.


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Fortnite is available now on PC, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and mobile.

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